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Safety Footwear

Step into safety and style with our premier selection of safety footwear. We're proud to offer the best range of safety boots, trainers, and wellingtons designed to protect and support you in your workplace. Our collection includes top brands like Cofra, Grisport, Blackrock, and JCB, ensuring that you'll find the perfect safety footwear that meets your specific needs. Explore our selection today, and step-up your workwear with the utmost in protection and comfort.



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Safety Jogger
Safety Jogger Cador S3 MID TLS ESD SRC Twist Lock
£ 45.00£ 54.00 inc. VAT
Safety Jogger
Safety Jogger ECO CADOR S1 Safety Trainer ESD
£ 26.50£ 31.80 inc. VAT
Cofra Summit UK S3 WR SRC Black Safety Boot
£ 54.00£ 64.80 inc. VAT
Blackrock Avenger S3 Waterproof Safety Boot
£ 37.50£ 45.00 inc. VAT
Cofra Kress ESD S1P Black Safety Trainer
£ 49.50£ 59.40 inc. VAT
Cofra Darwen Metatarsal S3 Inter Met Safety Boot
£ 57.00£ 68.40 inc. VAT
Blackrock Lunar Hiker Style S3 Safety Boot
£ 28.95£ 34.74 inc. VAT
Blackrock Ultimate S3 Safety Boot
£ 28.95£ 34.74 inc. VAT
Grisport Comfort Contractors Safety Boot Brown
£ 62.95£ 75.54 inc. VAT
Grisport Comfort Contractor Safety Boot Black
£ 64.50£ 77.40 inc. VAT
£ 58.95£ 70.74 inc. VAT
Progressive Chukka Style S1P Black Safety Shoe
£ 15.83£ 19.00 inc. VAT
Progressive Chukka Style S1P Black Safety Boot
£ 13.50£ 16.20 inc. VAT
Prosafe Black Chukka Safety Boot SBP
£ 13.50£ 16.20 inc. VAT
Jolly Footwear Wildfire Pro Boot 6520/GA
£ 210.00£ 252.00 inc. VAT
Jolly Safety Footwear Gore-Tex Duty Boot 840/GA
£ 140.00£ 168.00 inc. VAT
Jolly Rescuer Mid Safety Boot Black 6221/GA
£ 142.50£ 171.00 inc. VAT
Jolly Usar Rescuer High Safety Boot Black 9600/A
£ 195.00£ 234.00 inc. VAT
Jolly Footwear Rhein 2.0 Safety Boot
£ 245.00£ 294.00 inc. VAT

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More Information on Safety Footwear

Introducing our comprehensive range of safety footwear, thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs and safety requirements of various industries and job roles. We prioritise your well-being and comfort in the workplace, which is why we offer a wide selection of safety ratings to choose from, including SBP, SRA, SRC, HRO, S1P, S3, and more.

Our safety footwear collection includes a range of safety ratings to ensure that you have the right level of protection for your job. Whether you require oil-resistant soles (HRO), anti-slip properties (SRA), puncture resistance (S1P), or waterproofing (WR), our footwear meets or exceeds the industry standards. We also offer variations like SRC, which combine both SRA and SRB ratings, giving you the highest level of slip resistance available.

Our S3-rated footwear provides comprehensive protection, including features such as anti-static properties, energy absorption, and resistance to fuel and oil. This level of protection is essential for those working in tough and unpredictable environments.

The S5 rating, on the other hand, is suitable for the most demanding conditions, offering toe protection, energy absorption, and additional features to safeguard you in high-risk settings.

Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or any other industry, our safety footwear ensures you can focus on your work with peace of mind, knowing you're equipped with the right level of protection.

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Brilliant company to purchase from! Easy clear site, well priced and arrived quickly and well packaged! What else could anyone ask for? I have already recommended this company to others and will certainly be using them again! Well done nice to see a company who actually provide a service these day, you are few and far between!!

Denise Robinson

Great company, quick from placing order to receiving it , 👏👏👏


Brilliant! Great prices and delivery. Would not hesitate to purchase from this company again and will be highly recommending them to friends etc.

Michael McConnell

Excellent service. Quick delivery


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