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High Visibility

For those working in environments where visibility is crucial, our hi-visibility range ensures safety without compromising on style. Stay protected and easily identifiable with our selection of vests, jackets, and accessories that meet industry safety standards. 

Explore our range of high visibility clothing from brands such as Elka, Regatta, Supertouch, Portwest, Sioen, Dickies, Lyngsoe and Beeswift.


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High Visibility 2 Band & Brace Vest
£ 1.80£ 2.16 inc. VAT
High Visibility Long sleeve Vest Yellow
£ 4.16£ 4.99 inc. VAT
High Visibility Bomber Jacket
£ 19.95£ 23.94 inc. VAT
High Visibility Parka Jacket
£ 19.95£ 23.94 inc. VAT
Portwest S477 High Visibility Polo Shirt
£ 8.50£ 10.20 inc. VAT
Future Garments BW484 Hi Vis Detachable Sleeved Rip Stop Bodywarmer
£ 30.00£ 36.00 inc. VAT
Lyngsoe Windfarm Hi Vis Breathable Rain Jacket 99988
£ 140.00£ 168.00 inc. VAT
Lyngsoe Windfarm Hi Vis Rain Trouser Bib & Brace 99989
£ 145.00£ 174.00 inc. VAT
Elka Dry Zone Visible Jacket 026300R
From £ 42.50 £ 51.00 inc. VAT
Elka Dry Zone Visible Over Trousers 022400R
£ 27.95£ 33.54 inc. VAT
Elka Dry Zone Visible Rain Trousers 022403R
£ 23.33£ 28.00 inc. VAT
Elka Dry Zone Visible Rain Jacket 026300R
£ 48.00£ 57.60 inc. VAT
LMA Workwear
LMA Workwear Phare Hi-Vis Work Shorts
£ 20.95£ 25.14 inc. VAT
LMA Workwear
LMA Workwear Eclairage Hi-Vis Work Shorts
£ 20.95£ 25.14 inc. VAT
Blackrock 80025 2 Tone Hi Vis Bomber Jacket
£ 25.00£ 30.00 inc. VAT
Portwest H441 Hi Vis Over Trouser
£ 10.35£ 12.42 inc. VAT
Elka Visible Xtreme Recycled Jacket 186003R
From £ 99.50 £ 119.40 inc. VAT
Polyco Grip it Oil C5 High Visibility Cut Resistant Glove with Dual Nitrile Coating
£ 7.85£ 9.42 inc. VAT
Polyco 90-MAT Matrix Hi-Vis Thermal Grip Glove
£ 1.90£ 2.28 inc. VAT
Elka Visible Xtreme Recycled Trousers 182403R
From £ 84.50 £ 101.40 inc. VAT
Elka Visible Xtreme Recycled Softshell Jacket 116503R
From £ 72.50 £ 87.00 inc. VAT
Portwest Hi Vis Hoodie B304
£ 19.50£ 23.40 inc. VAT

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More Information on High Visibility

Unveil Safety and Style: Our High Visibility Collection

Stay Seen, Stay Comfortable: Elevate your safety game without compromising on style. Our High Visibility Collection is meticulously crafted to ensure you're easily spotted, whether you're navigating a
construction site, cycling through the city, or taking a twilight stroll.

Warmth Without Limits: Keep warm and move freely with our high visibility bodywarmers. These sleeveless wonders offer core insulation while leaving your arms unrestricted – a perfect companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

Iconic Style Meets Safety: Merge iconic bomber style with reflective innovation. Our high-visibility bomber coats offer not only warmth but also unbeatable visibility during low-light situations.

Warm and Noticed: Embrace warmth and visibility in
equal measure with our high visibility fleece jackets. Whether you're working in dimly lit areas or exploring the night, these jackets have you covered.

On-the-Go Safety: Move with confidence using our lightweight high visibility layers. These garments are your steadfast companions, ensuring visibility without any extra bulk.

Defy the Elements: Tackle inclement weather head-on with our high visibility parkas. Ample coverage, warmth, and visibility make these jackets indispensable for outdoor workers and adventurers alike.

Flexibility Meets Safety: Hi Vis Soft Shell Jackets:
Embrace flexibility and security with our high visibility soft shell jackets. Engineered to move with you while keeping visibility at the forefront, these
jackets cater to active individuals.

Complete Safety from Top to Bottom: Hi Vis Trousers and Overalls: From high-vis trousers to overalls, we've got you covered. Our meticulously designed bottoms ensure you're not only visible but also comfortably protected, making sure your safety isn't just a top priority – it's an all-encompassing commitment.

Rain-Ready Visibility: Hi Vis Waterproof Essentials:
Don't let rain dampen your style or visibility. Our high visibility waterproof outerwear ensures you remain seen and stylish even on the wettest days.

Whether you're working, exploring, or simply enjoying the outdoors, these garments guarantee you're seen, comfortable, and primed for every adventure.

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Brilliant company to purchase from! Easy clear site, well priced and arrived quickly and well packaged! What else could anyone ask for? I have already recommended this company to others and will certainly be using them again! Well done nice to see a company who actually provide a service these day, you are few and far between!!

Denise Robinson

Great company, quick from placing order to receiving it , 👏👏👏


Brilliant! Great prices and delivery. Would not hesitate to purchase from this company again and will be highly recommending them to friends etc.

Michael McConnell

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