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FFP3 Masks Proven to Reduce Covid-19 Infections

FFP3 Masks Proven to Reduce Covid-19 Infections


Recent research carried out by the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has identified “a significant drop in Covid-19 infections in frontline hospital staff after their face masks were upgraded”.

While a standard surgical mask does provide some level of protection against larger moisture droplets, it does not protect against all airborne particles, particularly if the mask is loose fitting and gapping around the face.

Thanks to thorough research and mathematical modelling, leading researchers have concluded that “cases attributed to ward-based exposure fell significantly, with FFP3 respirators providing 31-100% protection (and most likely 100%) against infection from patients with Covid-19”. (Source:

Current policy does not require FFP3 masks to be used nationwide amongst Healthcare Workers, however, there has been frequent calls by the British Medical Association and other professional bodies for higher levels of protection. Most recently, an open letter was penned to the new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid in an appeal to change the policy on face protection.

“Once FFP3 respirators were introduced, the number of cases attributed to exposure on Covid wards dropped dramatically - in fact, our model suggests that FFP3 respirators may have cut ward-based infection to zero.”
- Dr Chris Illingworth from the MRC Biostatistics Unit at the University of Cambridge

Below is a comparison carried out by the BBC comparing differing levels of protection offered by various masks and face coverings.

Mask comparison


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