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Best Winter Work Gloves 2021

Best Winter Work Gloves 2021


When you’re working outside there’s nothing worse than cold, wet and stiff hands – simple tasks can become laborious and productivity often drops off. In the winter months, you need a pair of reliable gloves that can do it all, it’s often about finding a balance between gloves that offer insulation and warmth but still have a level of dexterity to grip and manipulate small items.

We have compiled a list of some of our top gloves that do just that;

1. Wondergrip Thermo Plus Glove

First things first, the Wondergrip Thermo Plus Glove. The unique feature of these gloves is the Wondergrip Technology coating that allows the user to grip items in both dry and wet environments. They are cold resistant and 100% waterproof, which are absolute key features during the winter. Finally, the bright orange, high-visibility colour ensures the user’s hands are visible and safe. These gloves really surpass industry standards and are sure to protect your hands while still allowing you to easily move your hands and perform your job.

Wondergrip have tested these gloves for multiple industries including;

  • Construction and public works
  • Public authorities
  • Food industry
  • Warehousing-packing-and-logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Waste management

Wondergrip Gloves

2. Portwest AP80 Liquid Pro Glove

These gloves offer maximum protection against all liquids ensuring your hands stay dry wherever your work brings you – the elasticated wrist also contributes towards this. The AP80 gloves use the latest in double coating technology which ensures the user maintains excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. These gloves are lightweight and comfortable and have a tactile feel, meaning the user can easily perform fiddly tasks. The dual latex coating provides further protection in difficult conditions.

Portwest AP80 Liquid Pro Gloves

3. Polyco Matrix Hi-Viz Glove

The Matrix Hi-Viz glove is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to safety and protection in wet and dry environments. These gloves are fleece-lined and will certainly keep your hands warm in cold weather. The crinkle latex coating on the palms is designed for superior grip in wet and dry scenarios, the latex is also highly flexible so the user can maintain dexterity while working. Some added safety measures include; a high visibility coating and a maximum EN388 score for tear resistance meaning these gloves have good abrasion and cut resistance.

Polyco Matrix High Viz Gloves

4. Showa 451 Thermal Grip Glove

Next up is the Showa 451 thermal glove, one of the newest additions to the Prosafe glove repertoire. Showa are an innovative brand and these custom designed gloves are specially designed for comfort and warmth. These gloves are designed for all-day wear, they feature breathable back of the hand to reduce friction and perspiration. The seamless finish reduces the risk of irritation to the skin. The coated palm is designed for grip when working in damp conditions, while the fleece-lining keeps your hands cosy even in snowy conditions. Additionally, it promotes better hygiene – always a plus in the current situation.

Showa recommend these gloves for the following industries; 

  • Construction
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Airports & Ports
  • DIY
  • Engineering
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Showa 451 Thermal Gloves

5. Polyco Imola Fleece Lined Glove

Our final recommendation is a little different, the Polyco Imola is a drivers style glove that is fleece-lined and made from a full micro-foam nitrile coating. Drivers gloves are typically made of leather and sometimes limit movement, however, the material of the Imola gloves allow for flexibility and dexterity. Although not 100% waterproof, the nitrile foam coating is highly effective in channelling liquids away from the surface and offers superb grip in wet conditions. This glove really is a great multi-purpose glove that offers optimum comfort at all times. The final notable feature of these gloves is that they feature an antimicrobial treatment that shields the wearer against harmful bacteria - keeping hands (and the gloves) fresh and protected for longer.

Imola Fleece Lined Driver Glove

To explore more gloves check out our full website here.

If you purchase any of these gloves, we would love for you to tag us on social media in your photos of you using them! You'll find us on Instagram and Facebook - or just search @prosafedirect!

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