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5 reasons why branded clothing is key for your company

5 reasons why branded clothing is key for your company


Branding is widely recognised as a key element of any successful business – branded clothing is part of this. How your company presents itself to potential customers could impact whether or not they choose to hire your company or purchase your products.

 At Prosafe, we provide a tailored, in-house embroidery and printing service where we can add any logo or design to your workwear. We have a wide range of quality workwear for you to choose from, whatever industry you are operating in. Below we have listed five reasons why branded clothing is essential for your company;

1. Professional image for your business

Branded clothing ensures you maintain a level of professionalism across your company as workers tend to act more responsibly when they are representing the business. Company branded clothing also provides reassurance for your customers, helping to instil trust in your team and business offering.

2. Health & Safety

Many industries, particularly those in construction, are expected to follow strict regulations on workwear and personal protective equipment. By providing quality, branded workwear, you can ensure their clothes are fit for purpose and will keep them safe at work. Branded clothing ensures your staff are easily identified from other teams of contractors and allows the site manager to quickly locate personnel related to a certain task.

3. Brand Awareness

Your staff are a walking advertisement for your company. Branded clothing helps to build your business identity and trust in your services. Workwear is an extra place for your logo to appear and will increase your brand visibility. When people see your workforce doing their job well, it will enhance your company’s reputation and allow potential and existing customers to identify your company easily.

4. Cost Effective

Investing in quality, branded workwear is cost effective and practical. It will save your company money in the long run, with your staff uniform looking better for longer. This is also a more environmentally friendly option as you won’t have to replace workwear as frequently.

5. Employee Loyalty 

Branded clothing is proven to inspire company loyalty and team unity. Your staff will feel a sense of belonging and pride in the company they represent. Moreover, having a branded staff uniform is said to increase productivity and reinforce the idea of working together as a team. Workers won’t have to think about what to wear every morning, they will have clothing that is suited to the climate and environment in which they are working. With winter well on the way, this is more important than ever – demand is often high as temperatures start to drop, so shop our website here to protect your staff this winter.


If you would like to purchase branded workwear for your company then please get in touch with us at or phone +44 (0) 2893 341 222.

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